Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Red Button - She's About To Cross My Mind - 2007

The pop record all the indie-popsters have been afraid to make for the last decade.... Instead of the haze of fuzzy logic and hipster cred, The Red Button write refreshingly direct, buoyant odes to loves lost and found without a hint of irony...They’ve earned their “Beatle-esque” sobriquet without reservation...The most immediate, arresting hooks of any record that will come out in 2007 give the Red Button a leg up on all contenders to the power pop throne... I didn’t think they made records like this anymore. -Trip McClatchy, Teen Kicks

If you like "She's About To Cross My Mind" get it here!

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wkc said...

My favorite release from last year. One that should be heard by everyone. A very fun listen. Thanks for all your wonderful shares

Gary said...

Mine too! Harkens back to the days of Big Deal (think Cherry Twister and Glad Hands). Classic melodic modern power pop.

Anonymous said...

Another Gary said

Wonderfull album! Cruel Girl!!! ON LOOP!!

thank's for share this gem!

Paulie said...

This is a great cd! Thanks. Do you have Seth Swirsky's 'Instant Pleasure'? Is it as good as RB?

Curty Ray said...

Hey Paulie!!

Here is Seth Swirsky for you. You Willenjoy it. Thanks for the request!!

Silversuit said...

This album is the business! Cruel Girl is indeed superb. Thanks again.


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