Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Len Price 3 - Chinese Burn - 2005

Weaned on the raw, passionate two-minute tunes of the Who, the Kinks, and the Clash, the Len Price 3 are a high-energy garage combo from the Medway district of North Kent in the United Kingdom. Comprised of Glenn Page on guitar and vocals, Steve Huggins on bass, and Neil Fromow on drums (yes, no one in the band is named Len Price), the Len Price 3 got their start at a bar in Maidstone where bands could pay for the privilege of rehearsing in front of the drinking customers; when the trio was banned for playing too loud, they simply changed their name and booked another gig under the new moniker a few weeks later. Eventually, the band found an audience for their revved-up, no-nonsense sound, and found themselves sharing stages with a wide variety of noted acts, from the Libertines to the Buff Medways (featuring British garage icon Billy Childish). In 2005, the Len Price 3 came to the attention of the Australian label Laughing Outlaw Records, who signed the band and released their debut single, "Christian in the Desert" b/w "Dorolea," as well as their first album, Chinese Burn. The album received strong reviews and the band toured extensively in the United Kingdom, as well as coming to America for the first time to play the 2006 South by Southwest Music Conference. In 2006, the Len Price 3 signed with Wicked Cool Records, a new label founded by garage rock maven Steven Van Zandt; however, cross talk between the group, Wicked Cool, and Laughing Outlaw prevented their second LP, Rent a Crowd, from reaching stores until May 29, 2007. - AMG

If you like "Chinese Burn" get it here!

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Anonymous said...

Bought that a while ago. That's a fantastic new band and this CD is worth every f***kin penny I paid for it! By the way: they have a new CD, too!

RATBOY69 said...

Hey Curty Ray, great share as usual and one of the best blogs around. To mr. anonymous, the new cd can still be found at my blog


Anonymous said...

thanks for that.....i have only heard a couple of songs by them, but really like them

martin41smith said...

Just found them on another blog playwithfire, they are really punchy hooks galore, love em thanx for this


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