Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Krinkles - Revenge of... - 1998

Having known each other since they were tiny infants, the Krinkles men share an intense chemistry on and off stage. Having grown up in Detroit Rock City, the guys never had any problems finding great music to hear and play. Lured by the bright lights and beautiful creatures of Chicago, the brave young men made the move some years ago. Inspired by the city’s rich history of great Rock ‘n’ Roll acts, such as Cheap Trick, The Krinkles were soon formed.The Krinkle sound relies heavily on the songwriting team of Henry Krinkle (rhythm guitar, vocals) and Dan “The Fox” (lead guitar, vocals), along with the snap-crackle-rock rhythm section of Jerry O (bass) and Matty (drums, vocals). 2007 will see the release of their third CD “3 - The Mordorloff Collection”. Finally, they were able to capture the raw explosive power that The Krinkles legendary live shows are known for. With influences ranging from Badfinger to Kiss and all rock in-between, The Krinkles have a sound harkening to the glory days of Rock ‘n’ Roll with crisp vocal harmonies and delicate melody. This “hit you over the head without leaving a mark” approach is undercut by thunderous drums, pounding bass and thick crunchy guitars, giving The Krinkles a sound and future that continues to grow.

If you like "Revenge of..." get it here!

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Matty said...

Thanks Curty! I'd love to get you our latest "3 - The Mordorlorff Collection". Please email me @

Matty c/o The Krinkles


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