Friday, July 11, 2008

Jesse Valenzuela - Tunes Young People Will Enjoy - 2002

Gin Blossom's songwriter and guitarist, Jesse Valenzuela, releases his first solo album, opening the floodgates of personal, creative alchemy in rushing, churning, rootsy Americana pop that undoubtedly washes over the senses. Like a brainstorming session without a referee, his muse spills forth into elemental, pleasantly-unrefined songs that stir the most basic needs in the self. This is the kind of music that appeals to the core personality hiding behind the persona. Not to be missed -CD Baby

If you like "Tunes Young People Will Enjoy" get it here!

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McDaggett said...

Good record, and the same applies to the Gas Giants record posted here somewhere else. But nothing beats that other Robin Wilson band: The Poppin' Wheelies. They do some Tommy Keene songs on there that really smoke.

Curty Ray said...

Link has been removed at the request of the copyright owner

JeCkO said...

you´re great man! thanx


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