Monday, July 28, 2008

The Insomniacs - Switched On! - 2004

David Wojciechowski and his fellow light-sleepers in the Insomniacs aren't offering anything strikingly new and different on 2004's Switched On!, but in the great tradition of "it's not what you do, it's how you do it," their blend of garage rock swagger and power pop jangle still sounds fresh and full-bodied, and they throw in enough variety along the way to keep things interesting. From the Byrds-ian 12-string chiming of "Somewhere" and the sitar-fueled Eastern accents of "Leave" to the organ swirls on "The Pudding Club," the Insomniacs have a good notion of when to throw in a left-turns into their classicist garage bluster to keep listeners on their toes, and even the relatively straightforward numbers are committed to tape with enthusiasm and commitment. Dan McKinney's engineering put just the right amount of meat on the bones, and his keyboard contributions are smart and well executed. Garage loyalists will love this, and a few of the unconverted might even go for it if it ever crosses their path. -AMG

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