Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Dentists - Behind the Door I Keep the Universe - 1994

The Dentists on a major label? An American major label at that? Something not to be imagined, and yet such was the case when Behind the Door surfaced on EastWest in 1994. In some ways it's not so surprising -- after all, the Dentists' core strength was always an instant, thoroughly catchy and captivating guitar pop sense, as commercial as one could ask for, one might think. None of that was lost along the way here, and if there's a subtle pushing up of some elements for even easier digestion -- Michael Murphy's voice is even more clear here than before, for instance -- the beauty and rush of the band isn't gone at all. Longtime fans will find no cause for complaint, and it's easy to imagine new ones picking up on the album's many joys. The changes and approaches on the album are but slight in comparison to the past, but sometimes totally effective -- whether it's the excellent interweaving of Bob Collins and Mark Matthews on backing vocals throughout, or the very sudden stop-start on the shimmering jump of "Space Man." Then there's the gentle but still good trancebeat on "In Orbit," the slow but sure build and surge of "Gas," and many other moments besides, all while retaining the sprightly, energetic feel that characterizes the band. Lyrically, the group's eye for life's seemingly smaller details and crises and how to make great music out of them remains unchanged. "Sorry Is Not Enough," on the surface, may just be about coming home too late, but the sweep of the music matches the perhaps surprising emotional heft of the words, especially in the surprisingly effective synth-tinged mid-song break. Add in an amusing cover with Grigg's bald head covered with little toys and trinkets, and Behind the Door is another fine Dentists album. -AMG

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