Sunday, March 13, 2011

the commander / When I Lay My Burden Down album release

the commander is the new musical guise of Peder Claesson from Sweden.

Discerning music lovers will remember Claesson as the drummer and chief songwriting force behind The Motorhomes, architects of two of the finest albums to usher in the 21st century, before imploding in the usual mess of record label politics and directional uncertainties. Like any self-respecting musical survivor, Claesson re-focused on his craft and before long found himself behind the drumkit of Stockholm indie-rockers Friska Viljor. As it happens this turned out to be the perfect place from which to replenish his innocence, and with a new unblinkered clarity he found himself gathering together the various home and studio recordings that would fit together to create When I Lay My Burden Down. Working mostly alone in the studio, multi-instrumentalist Claesson achieved the intangible quality of layering sounds that truly evoke the spirit of a band playing live together in the studio.

Opening cut ”Dansmelodi” emerges in a swirling mass of cellos and piano and gives way to ”Gamla Stan”, a song about the pain of leaving a place, with a stunningly anthemic yet wordless chorus. First single ”Never Mind The Haters” builds around an irresistible guitar hook that recalls Claesson’s best writing for The Motorhomes, while the album’s title track steals its chorus refrain from the title of George Harrison’s masterpiece 1970 triple album before descending into a beautiful extended instrumental section. “I’ve got nothing but your tears in case of fire” Claesson sings on the closing track ”In Case Of Fire”, just one of many instances where his bold musical brush strokes dovetail beautifully with a lyrical vulnerability that bears repeated spins.

With When I Lay My Burden Down, Claesson re-asserts his position as a master craftsman of elegant, timeless songs.

The album will be available worldwide on digital music stores such as iTunes and Amazon.

Release date: 28 March 2011

Versions: CD and Download.

Pre-ordering of the CD: starting on March 14 at

Producer: Peder Claesson
Record company: Pristine Music Stockholm

Contact/Press/Booking: Johan Bergqvist / / +46(0)704-017218
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