Monday, November 8, 2010

Phantom Planet - Phantom Planet Is Missing - 1998

For a debut album from a relatively young band (most of the members are still teenagers), Phantom Planet Is Missing is very accomplished and appealing. While the hooks aren't particularly strong, the band makes up for it with youthful exuberance and very colorful instrumentation -- the music is upbeat and synthesized flourishes abound. Instead of taking the route that many other younger alternative rock bands take (Silverchair's grunge or Eve 6's punk), Phantom Planet walk the line between pop and alternative and manage to carve out their own unique sound -- a rarity for younger alternative bands. Unfortunately, the album didn't sell nearly as well as albums by Silverchair or Eve 6, but it did manage to build a cult following and the single "So I Fall Again" was featured on the soundtrack to the TV series Sabrina the Teenage Witch. "Down in a Second" and "I Was Better Off" are also highlights on this promising debut -AMG


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this... I owned a copy ten years ago that got destroyed and I've not yet come across a used copy to replace it. Nice album... looking forward to hearing it again.


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