Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Miracle Men - They're Coming... - 2006

The Miracle Men’s debut full length has arrived. Released by Teen Sound out of Italy, everybody has now the chance to hear their great skills. Ever since I got a promo copy, somewhere in October, it’s one of my most played ceedees. Opener ‘Stop pushin’ me’ featuring EJ, the producer, on harmonica sees them inspired by the Remains. The Seeds get their tribute on ‘Won’t you try’, even our Firebirds sound through in a song as ‘Cry cry cry’. But that ain’t all. Ripping of titles, ‘Down today’ based on the Teenage Shutdown compilation or ‘Who what where!? taken loosely from ‘Anyway anyhow anywhere’ by the Who. It’s clear where they get their ideas from, but excellent songs they can write. Listen for instance to the other hits included here, ‘Misplaced’ and personal favourite’s ‘I said girl’ and ‘World in danger’. The Miracle Men give us on their debut eleven strongly sixties inspired tracks that never sounds jaded or too style bound and simply deliver the goods, good songs that is. -Gerben Kuurman - City Trash

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geololo said...

Looks like very good, just like the artwork. Unfortunatly the link is dead. Could you please reupload ?
Thank you very much.

Curty Ray said...




geololo said...

Thank you very much for the reupload. Great band a very good record.I Like their 60's garage/psyche influences.


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