Monday, September 27, 2010

Electric Crayon Set - One Man's Trash - 2002

The Electric Crayon Set is a psychedelic powerpop band with a raw but folky edge. Its music leans heavily on the 60s psychedelic /mod pop legacy of the Zombies, Small Faces and the Creation not forgetting the twisted pop geniuses of the 70s, 80s and 90s of which XTC, Martin Newell and the Jam spring to mind in the first place. Electric Crayon Sets songs have ultra catchy choruses while the songs themselves are sometimes mystic, idiosyncratic and often even weird.
The creative talent behind these interesting pop ditties is Timo Pkk, a 43 year singer/guitarist/songwriter. A self-confessed anglophile and a huge rock and pop fan ( and, errmm if possible. even bigger fan of English soccer ). A recording career spanning two decades has seen our versatile front man record finnish pop, aussie style 80s indie guitar rock and even rockabilly.- electriccrayonset


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