Thursday, August 12, 2010

Push Kings - Far Places - 1998

Melodically, the Push Kings keep up the pace with another album full of ace tunes. This time, though, they mess with the formula a bit and experiment. Instead of straightforward pop songs in the standard "pop" format, they add drum loops, scratching, breakbeats and keyboards, making for a far more dramatic listening experience. Though they may not play the game according to its rules, the Push Kings are one of the best pop bands around, alongside such like-minded bands as Holiday. To experience the magic of this album, you must step inside it and let it devour you.-AMG


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Ricard BCN said...

I hadn't heard before. Nice discovering

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the low rating - some decent tracks, but overall the drums are awful and overbearing.

Anonymous said...

Great album!! You don't happen to have the 'Feel No Fade' album do you? What a great band. Their music - while sorta throwaway - is totally feel good! =)


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