Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Edward O'Connell - Our Little Secret - 2010

Imagine the Byrds meet Warren Zevon!

Edward O'Connell , singer, guitarist, and main songwriter, is living proof that Power Pop is alive and well. His new album, Our Little Secret, is chocked full of jangly goodness but it also provides perfectly contemporary compositions that harken back to the good old days of Power Pop. Catchy and guitar-driven this is just the kind of music you can sing along to in your car and not mind if others are watching.

Guitar work aside, O'Connell's vocals are meaningful and give a cool edge to his spirited, well written compositions. It doesn't get better than this...

Joining O'Connell are Karl Straub and Buddy Speir on guitars, Scott McKnight on bass, and Jonathan Babu on drums. Any serious power pop fan, and many casual listeners as well, will enjoy Our Little Secret so watch out world, here comes Edward O'Connell!

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jeffen said...

Sounds like Costello!

Hingehead said...

Looks like Nick Lowe - Jesus of Cool to be precise:

kugayama said...

@jeffen: Exactly - sounds like Costello. I also hear a lot of Tom Petty.

Very good album!


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