Friday, May 21, 2010

Mondo Topless - Get Ready for Action! - 1998

Taking the name from the 1968 Russ Meyer film, The Mondo Topless brought on their 60s raunch of The Sonics and The Stooges in to their native Philadelphia in 1992. Accompanied by the vintage sounds of a hand-me-down Vox Continental organ, the quartets straight forward tone of fast-paced rock was first packaged on the 1995 single "I Want You To" b/w "Real Gone Girl." Upon the release of the bands first full-length Fifty-Thousand Dollar Hand Job on 360 Twist Records, the settled line up of Sam Steinig (vocals/ organ), Tom Connors (drums), John Loxterman (bass) and Kris Alutius (guitar) spent the next two years touring across the United States. Dinoysus Records eventually put out The Mondo Topless' second album Get Ready For Action in 1998. -AMG


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