Monday, April 19, 2010

Broadfield Marchers - When the Lifted Connive - 2006

Taking inspiration from the power pop bands of yesteryear, Broadfield Marchers create short, guitar-fueled nuggets in the style of Big Star and Guided by Voices. The Kentucky-based trio is comprised of drummer Justin Carter, singer/guitarist Dustin Zdobylak, and bassist/singer Mark Zdobylak. After forming in 2000 and honing a nostalgic, poppy approach to songwriting, the bandmates attracted attention from the independent label Secretly Canadian. A two-year partnership resulted, with the band releasing its debut effort, When the Lifted Connive, on Secretly Canadian's tab in 2006.-AMG


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Anonymous said...

Awesome blog! Any chance for a re-up here? It would be greatly appreciated.

Curty Ray said...

Anonymous I have updated the MultiUpload link, I will get to Mediafire when I can


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