Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Ackermans - No One Knows Us Better Than... - 2005

The Achermans sound is catchy and flashy as it only can be. We like to see girls dance, jump, scream and shout. And we love to put out records that beat out the guts out of any hyped UK beardie-band full of douchies in cord trousers! We´re the saviors preventing the girls of that worthless rubbish, for the sake of real pop music! Go get this for the girls around ya! For car listening customers, count the days till you get arrested for acting goofy in public traffic. The Ackermans give us a pure fun joyride right to the summer. The recordings are ace and “nobody knows us better than..” is a hyperactive POWER POP album for fans of late ´70 punk edginess in the vein of 999 and modern-day evocative scandinavian garage rock outfits as the HIVES, MANIKINS or the stellar pop sensibilities of the YUM YUMS and the BOSS MARTIANS latest two albums with the wailing of the CAESARS. Yep, that level, you can be sure if WE tell that, we ain´t shitting you(r girlfriend). With the loud guitars, the adrenalized and totally on the spot vocals and a firecracker backbeat this Pop record will make you bounce your cheap flat walls off!! -aliensnatch.de



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