Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sparkwood - Kaleidoscopism- 2007

Sparkwood is an Austin-based power pop band. Centered around the songwriting of vocalist and keyboardist Bart Padar, the band crafts elegant and dynamic musical arrangements ornamented by lush vocal harmonies. In addition to Padar, Sparkwood features the exceptional talents of drummer Mike Reynolds, bassist/vocalist Jonathan Nesvadba, and guitarist/vocalist Mark Doroba. Critics have compared Sparkwood's sound to musical luminaries such as Queen, Jellyfish, Cheap Trick and Fountains of Wayne. The band plays frequently in many Austin venues such as The Continental Club, Hole in the Wall and Ruta Maya. In the past, Sparkwood played series of shows in the Midwest, including the International Pop Overthrow Festival in Chicago.
In the Spring of 2007, Sparkwood signed on to Excellent Records in Japan. Their record, entitled "Kaleidoscopism", was released in April with a healthy reception from Japanese audiences.

Sparkwood - Kaleidoscopism - 2007/rs
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Rolf said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this!...can't wait to hear it...K

J said...

EXCELLENT post, Curty! How bout make this a Sparkwood hat-trick & post the long out-of-print "La La Crutch" album from 2000? That would rule my entire summer! Thx :)

bpadar said...

Bart Padar (of Sparkwood) here. If anyone is interested in purchasing our first CD, "La La Crutch", I am selling them through Amazon for $7.49.


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