Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Clean Equations - Clean Equations - 2009

Unique, moody instrumentals and vocals highlight the debut release from Clean Equations. Mike Nyhan, vocals / guitar / keyboards, has brought in the reinforcements including Nero Catalano on bass (722), Gretchen Lohse on vocals (Yellow Humphrey), Geoff Morrissey on guitar (Law of the Sea), Jonas Oesterle on drums, Jo Schornikow on piano (The Shivers), and Jim Thomas on organ / piano / keyboard (Blue Floor Music), to make this an impressive, and polished, expansive head-trip! For after dinner, late night entertainment or to engage pleasent daydreams, Clean Equations features well-written, gorgeous, harmony-filled, music that will stay with you long after your first listen! The music and vocal harmonies are heavenly throughout. -Curty Ray

Check it out at State Capital Records and look for a full length disc from Clean Equations in the not too distant future.

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