Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Collin Wade Monk - Oops! I Rocked - 1994

Collin Wade Monk can combine wildly divergent imagery such as lost love and deerhunting to create soul-piercing alchemy. He was a musical attraction around the mid-South in the late-80's to mid-'90s, first with "Rev. Collin Wade Monk and the Bongo Fury" with Sam Baker who is now a member of Lambchop. Barnburner shows, great reviews and an unreleased album with Memphis shaman-producer, Jim Dickinson live on in the minds of fan. Later Collin Wade Monk and The Ladyfingers featuring Will Kimbrough, Mike Grimes and Tommy Myer rocked the house hard enough to get an all-expense-paid trip to Los Angeles to play for Geffen records. Kimbrough, Grimes and Myer split off to form The Bis-Quits with Tommy Womack. Collin Wade Monk made two albums "Oops! I Rocked" with the remnants of The Ladyfingers and "winkygroovercookieprim" (produced by Brad Jones) with Luther and Cody Dickinson who later found fame as The North Mississippi Allstars. -CD Baby

Collin Wade Monk - Oops! I Rocked - 1994/rs

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