Friday, February 27, 2009

The Mommyheads - The Mommyheads - 1997

With a name like the Mommyheads, one might not expect much from this San Francisco quartet, but the songs on this self-titled album offset the trite moniker by sporting a mature pop sound. Though never sounding exactly like any one particular band, the Mommyheads share elements of their musical approach with Jellyfish, Ben Folds Five, and Semisonic, among others. The lead track, "Jaded," beautifully drapes despondent lyrics over a tranquil melody. The upbeat "In the Way" and the more subdued "I'm in Awe" exhibit such melodic flow that your toes will be tapping along before you can stop them. Once you get past the name, the Mommyheads will satisfy any craving you might have for lush pop melodies. -AMG

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