Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Ringles - Take A Ride - 2005

From Princeton, Illinois, comes The Ringles, whose psychedelic affairs are definitely in order. Here on their second album, Take a Ride, they revisit the trippy effects of bands such as The Blues Magoos, Tomorrow and The Pretty Things with stunning perfection, while still managing to season the cuisine with new and vital ideas. What mainly separates The Ringles from so many other sixties influenced bands today is that they're darn good songwriters. Clever arrangements teamed with interesting tempo changes lend the band a strong identity of their own.Sparked by phased vocals, swirling tape loops and ribbons of head spinning guitar licks, Take a Ride, flickers with excitement and adventure. The final track on this record, which is appropriately called "Farewell," particularly rattles the brain cells as it culminates into a kaleidoscopic climax of numbing distortion. Other enlightening escapades to be found on Take a Ride, are "Paste Your Picture Here," "Life Goes On," "Raisin Sea" and the title cut.Based around sprightly harmonies, these chiming tunes are heightened by a sturdy power-pop finesse that brings to mind bands like Badfinger and Pilot. The sound of hippy dippy bongos, kinetic keyboards and twittering tambourines further provides Take a Ride, with an authentic psychedelic feel. Very groovy indeed.
If you like "Take A Ride" get it here!

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dangie said...

Great band!!

- Dan

Cliff. said...

What a fantastic album, merci beaucoup.


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