Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Grapes Of Wrath - Now and Again - 1989

Now And Again is a finely-textured, multi-layered album with lyrics of yearning ("Stay") and regret ("...But I Guess We'll Never Know") counterbalanced musically by light and spaces. Songs laced with realization ("The Most") and recollection ("Hiding") are wrapped in delicate, cascading harmonies.Recorded in Woodstock, NY, during the early months of 1989, Now And Again finds The Grapes of Wrath displaying a wide variety of moods -- from the orchestrated subtleties of "All The Things I Wasn't" to the electric distortion of "Do You Want To Tell Me". For the first time, this record finds drummer Chris sitting out on several acoustic-only songs. As for singer/guitarist Kevin Kane, his guitar collection continues to grow at an alarming rate. This may be the reason for the considerable range in guitar sounds -- from the quietest acoustics to some uncharacteristically loud electrics. Of the album's diversity, Kevin says "We've always been called folk/rock. Now instead of he two terms being put together or hyphenated, it's more like they're pushed apart. The first song on the album could have been on a Nick Drake album -- it's really gloomy and all stark with cellos, and then, as it progesses, the album becomes more raging".Where the last two albums have dealt with the more personal aspects of family, small town life, and parental relationships, Now And Again deals with the more universal feelings. "It's really hard to express happy feelings in songwriting", reflects Kevin, "You can take apart a bad feeling because you can really stew about it; it has more impact, it can be dissected. When you're happy you don't sit around pondering 'Why am I happy, why do I feel so good?' you just enjoy it. A lot of people are so afraid of being intense emotionally. Their idea of being intense is to have heavy guitars; they just crank up the Marshall, but there's nothing heavy about the songs content." -grapesnut If you like "Now and Again" get it here!

The Grapes Of Wrath - Now and Again - 1989/rs

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Bobby said...

thanks for sharing

Siti said...

Ooooohh my!!! My wife bought this record here in Spain eight years ago for only 3 euros and is one of the best records that we ever had. I thought that nobody knew anything about them!.Thanks a lot!!

Anonymous said...

This really is a brilliant album. Do you happen to have any more of their work?

Thanks a lot!


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