Thursday, November 20, 2008

Eleanor Rigby - Censorship - 1999

Eleanor's career was short yet controversial and mysterious, and this, along with the quality and limited quantity of her releases has led to her becoming a cult figure on the collector's market. Originally her total output was only 4 singles and one album (Censorship) which now changes hands for big money. Her legendary debut single `I Want To Sleep With You' was released in 1985 and came complete with free condom. This caused quite a stir and although the record was subsequently banned, it went on to become a Mod classic that every mod of the time and today had to have in their collection. With the video and concerts also banned shortly afterwards it was like the Sex Pistols all over again. - The Official Elenore Rigby website

If you like "Censorship" get it here!

Eleanor Rigby - Censorship - 1999/rs
Eleanor Rigby - Censorship - 1999/badongo

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a boy named hil said...

Thanks for the brilliant post on Eleanor Rigby...i was wondering if you got a great band from UK called DC FONTANA...their album is called

DC Fontana - Servin’ Up Some Soul Soup

hope you got em' thanks!

Graffitika said...

Actually Elenore Rigby was always seen as a joke in the mod community. She was pretty manufactured, her music is piss-poor and she came out about 5 years too late for the revival.


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