Saturday, November 1, 2008

Down By Avalon - Down By Avalon - 2008

Chapel Hill, N.C. quartet Down By Avalon steer clear of modern bells and whistles and find solace of the simplicity of the ‘60s and the ‘70s for its debut. Like last summer’s next-big-things Peter Bjorn and John and I’m From Barcelona, Down By Avalon seek to let relatively unembellished melodies do the talking, and the end results reflect a deep admiration for traditional pop music. However, though the band prides itself in its ability to write classic pop music, the real strength lies in the warm, folk, almost hippie vibe it projects into and onto the listener. Down By Avalon’s debut stands as a reminder that music is not merely about the arrangement of notes or words, but about the feelings it brings when listened to." -Melinda Hanna, Performer Magazine

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Down By Avalon - Down By Avalon - 2008/rs
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Anonymous said...

keyboardist dan bryk's solo records are total gems as well. check 'em out, popworld...


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