Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tommy 16 - Shauna - 1995

Born under the original moniker Hardy Nilsson, Tommy 16 brought on their influences of Teenage Fanclub and Big Star to their home country of Sweden. Consisting of Urban Holmberg (vocals/ guitar), Lars Hall (guitar /vocals), Jan Pettersson (guitar), Niclas Marklund (guitar), Mikael Eriksson (bass) and Patrik Sundqvist (drums), Tommy 16 soon found themselves being heard on the radio with the release of their first single appropriately titled "#1 single." After signing to the local indie label A West Side Foundation, Tommy 16 soon established themselves as Swedish pop icons with their first album Shauna. -CD Baby

If oy ulike "Shauna" get it here!

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Anonymous said...

thanks a lot Curty Ray!!! I've been looking for this album for ages.. you're the best! Regards. =MaTT=

McDaggett said...

This is so much POPSICLE. You don't happen to have Fredrik Norberg's (of Swedish band Popsicle) TRIPOD EP? Been trying for ages. And I still happen to dream. And... seriously... you made my day!

Cliff. said...

Bonjour and merci beaucoup. The Invisible Mind Circus are new to me but what a great album. Love this Blog site too btw.

arn said...

if you want mp3s of tripods ep, send an e-mail to, and i will sort you out! popsicle fans of the world unite!


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