Tuesday, September 16, 2008

tenniscourts - tenniscourts - 2007

If English pop mined the deadpan sincerity of Randy Newman with the flair of Cheap Trick, you’d have Tenniscourts. Let’s just settle for a “post-punk Kinks” to describe this populist Chicago trio. Bits of Jam, Pulp, Small Faces, Who, T-Rex and straight-ahead American rock belie the musical sophistication of a songwriter who cites Syd Barrett as his inspiration for picking up a guitar. -CD Baby

If you like "tenniscourts" get it here!

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POPPHIL said...

Hi, Thanks for the amazing stuff you kep posting.
I am wondering why there is no link for the TENNISCOURTS CD...

Curty Ray said...

POPPHIL!! The reason that there is no link is because I am a "dumb ass". The link is now posted. ENJOY!!

POPPHIL said...

Thanks a bunch.


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