Tuesday, September 23, 2008

P. Hux - Purgatory Falls - 2001

Simply, the 10 songs here are a story arc based on Huxley`s last 7 years of his life, meeting his soon-to-wife, finding out she had cancer,losing her, learning to love again. If these songs fail to move your soul, then move on to your next life as this is so `real` it hurts. But in themost beautiful and meaningful way as all 10 songs are just perfect, totally realized work. Many will be left speechless, others will cry...with joy, sadness, then joy again. Spare and containing all his signature song styles that any fan will embrace with great ease, Purgatory Falls is absolutely one of the Top 10 releases of 2001. -Not Lame

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tomg said...

I´m listening to Deluxe, and i got to tell that the voice (at least) reminds me to Grant Lee Phillips. I like it, no doubt about it.
Since i asked you about Deluxe, and then i regret it, i want to ask you about this one.

Curty Ray said...




tomg said...

Amazing. This guy Parthenon Huxley is very very good.


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