Sunday, September 7, 2008

Josh Fix - Free At Last - 2008

Now we're freekin' talking!! The longawaited debut from the multi-talented Josh Fix is finally here and what more can I say than that it is a monster CD!!! Imagine yourself a mix between Queen, Jellyfish, Bleu, The Grays, ELO, Mika, Melêe, Rooney and Gavin DeGraw and we're quite near the carpark of Josh music. Phew. Heureka. The sound is freekin' awesome. He produced it himself with help on the mix from the mighty Paul Ebersold. Just listen to"Whiskey & Speed"!! God damn!! There we can talk about arrangements... And harmonies!! Pure pure heaven. All songs are mighty fine moments - none mentioned - non forgotten... Ahh.. I need to mention "Bad With The Superbad" with plink plink piano all freekin' over as well - and listen to the choirs and arrangements on that tune!! Nah - enuff said folks. Instead of sitting hear and write superlatives I demand everyone and surf and buy yourself a copy at this freekin' moment! Josh Fix for president. Easily a contender for the best album in 2008.

If you like "Free At Last" get it here!

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Anonymous said...

What a great blog you have! This is my first stop daily. Thank you!

The Josh Fix CD seems to be missing the last track. Thanks!

Curty Ray said...

Links are good

J Richter said...

Big compliments on your fantastic blog! A powerpop lover's dream... I've had the Josh Fix disc for awhile now & all I have to say is GENIUS. This guy will doing great things for the genre in the coming years!


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