Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Fade Outs - The Fade Outs - 2007

"THE FADE-OUTS" are a musical collective of like-minded fans of MUSIC. They come from the Greater Boston Area, except Dane Scalise; He grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and is a Steelers fan, But we forgive him for this. He actually has the most experience in he Boston music scene. Having played in "the Lines" and a number of other Boston based acts. Jim Dennis; was in "Bird Brain", as well as "Draw the line", where he met drummer Chris Pareto. Jim had also been in a band with Dennis Foley, called "Snidely Whiplash" Dennis was rooming with Andy Keane in the summer of 2001. They would have thier friends: Dave Bowman and his future wife Dawn McDavid over to play music and sing. andy's brother Timmy would always be there as well as Brian and even Rob. They had all just re-discovered "The Beach Boys" and uncovered 'Smile'. So it was a very special time and it inspired the forming of the band. Recently “The Fade-Outs” relaesed their self-titled debut album with Naked Ear Records. -The

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