Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Black Hollies - Crimson Reflections - 2006

At ten tracks running just over a half-hour, this debut from the NYC-based garage revivalists Black Hollies could be considered an EP. But the disc is power packed and by the time it's done, there isn't much left to say. The album is filled with snappy riffs and a '60s psychedelic esthetic borrowed from both British ("Crimson Reflections Through Looking Glass Mind" sounds like it was recorded around the Stones' "Dandelion"-period, "Come and Tell Me" would have made a great Searchers tune) and American ("You've Been Gone Too Long" cranks out a Standells/Seeds-styled vibe) sources. While the quartet won't win any originality contests even among contemporary bands such as the Chesterfield Kings who mine similar territory, they attack this music with appropriate raw power. You may find yourself playing "spot the riff" on much Crimson Reflections, but that just adds to the fun. And even when the group steals from sources as obvious as the Beatles (hey, there's the "Taxman" lick in "Get Yourself Together, Girl"), the effect is more joyous celebration than flippant rip-off. The tunes never overstay their welcome, nailing a groove and then moving on. The energy explodes out of the speakers and is as contagious as pink eye. Lead vocalist Justin Angelo Morey sounds inspired throughout spitting out his lyrics to these ten originals and the dueling lead guitars on the opening "No Need to Be Rude" are nearly as crude as anything the Sonics ever laid down on tape. Fans of Little Steven's Underground Garage radio show will eat this up, but anyone interested in garage rock's roots will enjoy the Black Hollies' animated offering. -AMG

If you like "Crimson Reflections" get it here!

The Black Hollies - Crimson Reflections - 2006/rs
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Amigos De Los Monos said...

Great Cream influenced Neo-Garage. Sadly this band killed hard rock Rye Coalition.

Anonymous said...

This site is great. Thankx for all.

Benz said...

Thanks for the quick response Curty Ray. Your site is a goldmine!!

Anonymous said...

My band, Jane Starship, opened for the Black Hollies back in March here in Chattanooga and we thought they were going to burn up since they stood there watching us whilst wearing their mod parkas and woolen hats! But they took 'em off when they took the stage and they were really terrific and some very nice guys to boot!
Brian King

Curty Ray said...

Hey Brian
PPO would like to hear Jane Starship!!

Anonymous said...

thank you, this is a great site.

Anonymous said...

Here's our myspaced out site link Curty Ray :
Give it a spin!

Curty Ray said...

Hey Brian!

I like it very much!!:)) I see you also have some great friends listedon your site from The Beach Boys, Emitt Rhodes, and Great friend of PPO...Paisly Pop Records. Email me if you want to share more

Curty Ray

Brian King said...

Thanks Curty! We are creating a long player as we speak! I'll send you one when done if you like!

Curty Ray said...

Please Do!! Thanks

BraziMan said...

Hi Curty,

Any chance you might be able to repost this, the current link is expired, and I've been looking for this album.

Thanks alot, and thanks for the great blog - loads of wonderful stuff here.


Curty Ray said...

Re-Up 3/25/2010


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