Saturday, July 19, 2008

Showbag - The Town We Loved In - 2004

Produced by the incredibly talented Michael Carpenter, you can take that as a stamp of quality assurance----such is the case with Showbag. "Beautiful, sweeping pop from outta Western Australia way. They always manage to come up with the goods and this full lengther is no exception. The gorgeous melodies of Perish Union, with its perfectly harmonised dual vocals and sad, sad chorus launches the bitter-sweet slab of pop nibblies, ahead of the aerated simple snappiness of Break It and the slightly tougher guitar stance of Bandy....Mean To You has Jodie Bartlett leading the vox department sweet, soft rhythms that blossom slowly, before East Or West scorches it up a notch ahead of the swirling carousel that is Goodbye Friend. Beginners is sheer killer pop in all its simplicity. Catchy, passion-draped and an instant hook! Never Get There dishes up more of the sameawesome in every sense of the word, with some beautiful harmonies to boot. If you love your pop, then you gotta get your flappers around one of WA`s finest exponents of the ilk. Simple, beautiful stuff."-RedBackRock. The lushness of REM, the lyric smart of the Go-betweens, thoughtful, heartfelt, angry and joyful. Set in the fictitious Australian town Perish Union it tells 14 tales, which, through a tapestry of girl/guy vocals, piece together the story of broken relationships, and how these coincide with the deterioration of the town In many ways this collection of songs feel somewhat like a disguised autobiography. Like reading somebody`s diary, telling tales of illness, ballads of love, hope and fear, and of the painful sorrow of saying goodbye. At times, delivering their tunes upbeat and at times almost silent, when you hear the album it feels like Showbag is sitting in the room reflecting with you - The lyrics hit you with such raw emotion you can reach out and feel the reality of the songs. -Not Lame

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