Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Foxboro Hot Tubs - Stop Drop And Roll!!! - 2008

American Idiot did the unthinkable for Green Day: it made them respectable. Arriving at the mid-point of the 2000s, it was the quintessential big important rock protest record of the George W. Bush era, embraced by listeners who never bothered with the neo-punk trio before, listeners who now turned to the group as some kind of voice of a generation — an impression only heightened by their duet with U2, a veritable passing of the torch that raised expectations for the sequel to American Idiot. Sensible punks that they are, Green Day opened the escape hatch and bolted, creating new identity as the Foxboro Hot Tubs, an unabashed old-fashioned garage rock band with a debut called Stop Drop and Roll!!! seemingly designed to play nonstop on Little Steven's Underground Garage Radio for all of 2008. -AMG

If you like "Stop Drop And Roll!!!" get it here!

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Anonymous said...

American Idiot made them respectable? Bullshit, they were respectable when Dookie came out.


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