Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dirty Looks - Dirty Looks - 1980

Not to be confused with the Hard Rock band from the late 80s, THIS Dirty Looks (Patrick Barnes, Peter Parker and Marco Sin) signed to Stiff in 1979 after only 10 gigs and have the unique record of claiming Stiff's biggest ever selling album in the US. Their eponymous debut album was released to positive reviews in August 80 - produced by Tim Friese-Green, it included a duo of great singles in 'Let Go' and 'Lie To Me'. Epic released the album in the US where it sold almost 100,000 copies.
"If you can get past the flat, brittle production on Dirty Looks (try cranking it up loud), you`ll find this Staten Island, New York trio playing power pop with a vengeance. Chief assets: good melodic instincts coupled with tight, lean drive, like an adolescent Cheap Trick gone new wave. Moodily ranging through taut reggae ("Disappearing"), crazed quasi-rockabilly ("Drop That Tan"), even an emotionally masochistic ballad ("Lie to Me"), they may seem to let their depression run away with them, but when Dirty Looks soar, you might even be convinced that "rock`n`roll is still the best drug" (from the memorable "Let Go"). "-TrouserPress

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